Time, I think, to admit defeat. Probably I shouldn't say this, but I don't like doing these. I often end up aiming for a passport photograph, albeit at massively overdone resolution, in an attempt to get something neutral that the client likes. And inevitably, and unsurprisingly, they aren't that happy with the pictures. They're in focus, exposed correctly... and lifeless. Seeing them, the client can articulate what they don't like, but not what they do. I look at these and haven't a clue which ones are better or worse than any others by any objective standard - I know which ones I like, and I could probably say why, but that's just my view and it isn't right or wrong.

So, anyway, I'm done with them - in future when people ask if I take them I'm going to say "you know what? No, I don't."

Here's a photo that couldn't be further from a headshot, just to get me moving on:

UPDATE: Turns out I lied. About an hour and a half after posting the above someone called me asking for headshots saying that I had been recommended. Did I turn them down? No, I jumped on the pony again for another race around that particular track.


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