29 December 2017

Rehearsal, Ealing

Some Favourite Exhibitions

1. The Pre-Raphaelites at Tate Britain: made me want to weep owing to the beauty of some of the pictures, particularly this one, though the reproduction on the web does nothing like justice to it. 
2. Klimt and Schiele at the Royal Academy - at least I think that was the pairing - it was something I went to years ago, perhaps in the 1980s? I can't find a reference online though so maybe it was something else. However they were both represented and I was blown away.  
3. Soutine at the Courtauld. On now
4. The permanent collection at the Frick, and in particular this Ingres
5. Klein and Moriyama at Tate Modern. Five years ago and I still think about it regularly. 
6. The permanent collection at the Prado - so many highlights
7. Cathedral of the Pines - Crewdson at the Photographer's Gallery, London. UPDATE: A propos this, I've just realised that his photographs remind me of the WWII dioramas I used to make as a child using 1/35th scale Tamiya modelling kits, only his photographs have more adult themes and encourage reflection, not destruction. There is something male about both preoccupations though - the creation of small controllable worlds in which one is omnipotent. What's more, the worlds are semi-derelict and suggest change, the ending of an older order. I think women don't need to explore this in quite the same way because of their power to give birth to a child.

There are many more exhibitions I have enjoyed (and even more that have left me cold and uninvolved), but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Is there a theme, something that binds these together? Not that I can see. Well, actually, yes - they are pretty much all figurative, realist, not abstract and not overly dominated by academic ideas. 

At the Country Show

Powis Castle Grounds (a while ago)

Mr and Mrs Macbeth