30 March 2017


Sorry Mrs Lemon's looks so messed up - I thought I'd try a new theme or two and it turns out that wrecking the look of the blog is part of the process. Ah well. I'll fix it when I can :)

2/4/17 Fixed (well, in my view - YMMV:)).


Josiah McElheny at White Cube, Bermondsey

The Guardian

I've been a life-long reader of the Guardian and I used to love it - it formed part of my identity as I grew up and has been a trusted source of commentary on major events throughout my lifetime. Recently, however, not so much. Their coverage of the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU was as cack-handed as everyone else's: doom-mongering on an unprecedented scale, it was impossible to sort the facts from the fiction and a leave vote was presented as the end of the world. And thus they played a part in the eventual result. Their coverage of the Scottish referendum a couple of years ago was just as bad - doom, gloom and why is anyone even considering voting for a divorce?
And now they are at it again. Quoting polls as if Brexit and Trump never happened. They seem not to have realised that pollsters are up their with economists and, ahem, journalists, as amongst the least trusted people on the planet. So, no, I won't be sending you a fiver a month as I'd come close to doing - your tiresome diatribes in favour of the status quo on almost every issue ever are just too much to bear.

26 March 2017

Fifty Keepers

I set myself an ambitious target of taking fifty photos I'd like to keep in one day today. I didn't make it - here are those that made the cut (there are still a few hours left so you never know - there may be more later) - remember, it's necessarily a loose edit :-)

UPDATE, 31/3/17: No no no no no. Time is the best editorial assistant you can have. The picture above is the only one worthy of keeping, I think, today. 


The Lake Twins redux

25 March 2017

J, cigarette break, Soho

I was in fact getting a portrait of another guy when he had to take a call. At that moment J walked out of her place of employment and, well, her smile and hair demanded that I ask her if she was up for a picture; thankfully she was happy to do it and the result is as you see. Lordy how I love photography.

We Are Cuts, Soho

19 March 2017

At We Are Cuts, Soho

A few of the people attending the opening of Anna Pigalle's exhibition at We Are Cuts on 16th March 2017.

UPDATE: These all look a little dark do they not? Photoediting at night - probably not the best time.