29 April 2017

On cholesterol, zibaldone and staying active...

A cholesterol reading of 6.1 which is a bit high so I am going to have to eat a bit more of this sort of thing: 

This weekend, a bank holiday weekend, here:

Hopefully not too much time spent wearing these: 

I've spent a little bit of time with these things already, but more would be good: 

With the above, I make the Zibaldone I have mentioned previously. Below is the last one I "finished" (though they are never really finished as such) - as you can see, it is in the form of a sketchbook that uses a folded concertina effect which, when I opened it out for the first time properly yesterday, I loved: 

So anyway, onward. Here's a few other recent efforts - more later no doubt:  

8 April 2017

Daffodils in the Sunshine earlier today

From an event last year

On Photography

"Ultimately, photography is subversive not when it frightens, repels or even stigmatises, but when it is pensive, when it thinks."
Roland Barthes

I think this is true of a certain type of photography, mainly in the news / editorial arena. There are other types out there.

2 April 2017


Waltercio Caldas - mashup

1. Hands / Sculpture - an obvious mix.
2. B&W because: simplicity.
3. Movement but without the didacticism of video.
4. A pleasing arrangement.
5. Space on the left to allow for more movement.
6. The cube is beautiful.
7. Light.

Whilst making this, I listened to this on repeat:


You're very welcome :)

JX - Son of a Gun

1 April 2017

Waltercio Caldas

Portrait taken at Cecilia Brunson Project, Bermondsey.

From Wikipedia:

Waltércio Caldas Júnior (born 6 November 1946), also known as Waltércio Caldas, is a Brazilian sculptor, designer, and graphic artist. Caldas is best known as part of Brazil's Neo-Concretism movement as well as for his eclectic choices in materials.

Mr and Mrs Macbeth