There's a lesson in here somewhere...

So, as I mentioned already, I'm working on a new Zibaldone, this time themed around colour (the last one being black and white). It's following Roy G. Biv so first up is red. And to be honest, at times it has been a bit of a struggle. I've got the one decent photo, posted already on here, of the Gareth Bale mural blah blah blah, but exploring red for the remaining 15 or so pages has been tricky - a bit uninspiring TBH. So tonight, it being a beautiful warm evening in London, I thought I'd meander a bit on my way back to Waterloo, having first stopped off at the Poetry Cafe  for one latte too many and a bit of zibtime, and take a few red-themed or red-accented pictures. Going past Wyndham's Theatre I found that there is a play called Red on there at the moment so I thought hey, my muse is with me. I carried on down slowly to Charing Cross, taking pictures as I went, and where I came across the above unremarkable picture. I worked it a little, though I was thinking that a 40 mm equivalent lens wasn't perhaps the best thing to have. Anyway, moments after taking this I stumbled upon a young photographer and his model by the three or four red phone boxes beneath the above underground sign. She was young, black and stunning with big hair, red shiny boots and a white T-shirt with HONEY in big bold red letters across the front - she was laughing, he was having fun, they were clearly not on a big budget shoot, possibly just a couple of friends having fun on a warm spring night in the West End. I thought about asking if I could take a picture or two but I didn't want to barge in, spoil their mood, and besides, they'd done their homework, they'd thought things out a little - they had A Plan. 

Net result? I have no pictures that would make anyone go "wow!" and they almost certainly have. They also probably had a heck of a better time than me on my own. Draw your own conclusions, but a couple of mine are firstly that having a plan is sometimes a very good idea; and secondly, after passing them by, I thought, as inspiration left me, "damn, that was Thesky* again, giving me breadcrumbs and I failed, utterly failed, to follow the trail". 

So there's that...

Here are a couple more desultory efforts from this evening - I'm determined in future not to let chances slip away again without even trying to grasp them. 

*Thesky is my muse.


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