Janet and John get to F**K with your Computer

Hello children! Are you ready to be messed with? Good, then I'll begin.

Can you make out the pictures above? Of course you can't. Janet and John Developer have been having fun! See the tiny pictures? That's how Janet likes them. And John! They want them to be tiny to make your day harder. Janet and John have been cocking up High Sierra because Apple told them to make it worse than before. No one knows why but Janet and John don't care. They are pleased just to have some fun!

Study hard, boys and girls, because you'll need the vision of a barn owl and an eternity to make a decision if you want to upload a picture to the web. You can't make the pictures bigger like you could before, and you can't sort them according to the order they were made, nosireebob! John decided that they would be in date order one way, but the reverse order for the time they were created on that day. Do you understand, children? No, you don't do you? Even comprehending that sentence is difficult, just the way Apple told them to make it.

Three cheers for Janet, John and Apple!


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